How to Avoid Deceptive Advertising Issues with Native Ads

11 October 2018
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Consumers are increasingly savvy and less interested than ever in watching advertisements.  As a result, some brands have started investing in "native advertising," or paid content on social media that is designed to look like another article, informational guide, or piece of news in order to encourage viewers to click on it and watch. Unfortunately, if you take native advertising too far, your company can wind up in legal trouble. Here's what you should know. Read More 

Three Instances When Your Company Needs To Consult With A Business Attorney- And Cases Where You Don’t

22 December 2017
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For a business, one of the most valuable assets it can have is a relationship with an experienced business attorney. An experienced business lawyer can tell you what steps you need to take and how you should respond when dealing with tricky situations. If you don't act properly, your company may lose thousands (or even millions) of dollars and may have to cease operations. Here are three instances when you need to consult a business attorney and one where you can often handle things on your own. Read More 

Three Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Will Invalid

23 March 2017
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If your will is invalidated by errors in its creation, all the work it took you to write it is basically wasted. Worse, the state may end up getting to decide what happens to your earthly goods and even who gets to take care of your children. The only way to control what happens to your estate after you die is to make sure your executors are competent, your will valid, your last wishes well-funded, and your attorney highly reputable and experienced. Read More